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Who is Tony

So, you want to get to know me better… Well, let me start off by saying “Thank You!” I don’t think of myself much, but if you really want to know about me, here you go!

Where It All Started

It started in June of 2004, the day I decided to travel from Duluth, MN to Long Beach, CA. Anyways to make my biography short. I will start in Long Beach, CA, right to the place, where I was forced to make it. Just me, myself and I…

How I landed in Long Beach, CA

Went from a mid-size town like Grand Rapids, MN & Duluth, MN to Long Beach, CA in the summer of 2004. Arrived in Long Beach, CA, from a Grey Hound from Duluth, MN. During which I would think and visualize how my life would end up. How everything could turn around for the best, but nope! The plan failed, I was worried, and I was stuck homeless.

Where it all started

Went from homeless to joining the NLP program in Long Beach, CA, at the Long Beach Rescue Misson. from the summer of 2005 to 2008. After one year of transformation, I realized what I was good at and my true potential. The program showed me what I was able to accomplish with God knowing with God All things are possible.!

My LBCC College Moments

After graduating the NLP at the “Mission!” I had the opportunity to go to school at Long Beach City College from 2006 to 2010 and stay at the mission until I found my own place. They also provided meals, mentors, and friendship.

Working at Long Beach Memorial

Working at the Long Beach Memorial Hospital from 3007 to 2011 was an amazing experience and a place where everyone that we come in contact with is treated with love and care. Working with the staff allowed me to see problems in healthcare that need fixing & that is where the idea “Techtiply” was thought of.

Working at St. Mary’s Medical – Long Beach, CA

Working as an EVS aide, Tony started working for St. Mary’s Long Beach, CA, from 2013 to 2019 where he made friends with most of the team. The love and care they have for their patients and what they do is extraordinary. I really enjoyed working with good people.

Graduated Bible College

While attending church at First Baptist Church of Long Beach, CA, from 2006 to 2015 where I attended the First Baptist Bible College to learn the Bible and how to use the Bible for God’s glory. I also learned a lot about business and how to successfully run one.

Where I decided to Jump & Let go

I was tired of the 9 to 5 and knew I had to let go of what wasn’t working. From 3021 to 2022, After church, I decided to jump into faith and start the entrepreneurial journey. Tony quit his job to pursue his dream and prove to HIMSELF he can make it and accomplish his goals.

Starting a new adventure

On May 02, 2022, I decided to open several businesses and take the leap. I thought if these brilliant men & women can do it, so can I. Know I know I’m crazy, but so is the world right!