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Welcome to I’m honored to have you part of the team. 

If you’re new to online business or not, I hope you find the content helpful. My passion is to master the art of blogging, internet marketing, residual income, email marketing, and so on. Now, if are making money blogging or with your website, then this may not be for you. However, please don’t be afraid to share what you know, if you don’t mind…

In addition to making money online, I’m also  a strong believer in personal development. Without it, I would not be where I am today. In my opinion most do not succeed unless their prepared mentally, spiritually, or sometimes physically.

One thing I want you to understand is, I do not believe in getting rich schemes, or sugar coating anything. What I teach is how to play by your own rules, and do it your own way.

If you find a better solution, than the other guy, Then by all means go for it! With that said whatever you decide to do, just remember, you will have to do your part if you want to be successful.


If your like me, you probably struggled to find out what you wanted to do with your life. Listening to others tell you its better for you to have a job, its just a scam, or you’re just not good enough, maybe you’re not even smart enough. If this is you keep reading!

For most of my life, I’ve been listening to others, but deep down inside this small voice told me otherwise. Although I’ve always dreamed of a better life and being financially free, I struggled with insecurities, drug abuse, and my environment.

It wasn’t long until I finally did something about it. However, during those years of dreaming, I struggled with listening to others and allowing insecurities to take over.

Then there were days I would sit there trying to figure what I wanted to do, but never took action and make it happen. My personal critics and bad habits kept me from achieving my dreams, 

Going from place to place, working from job to job in sales and marketing, to cleaning cars, hospitals, you name it, slowly drained me emotionally and physically. This kind of lifestyle was not what wanted for myself and my future. Living paycheck to paycheck was just not working for me anymore, and I always had this fire inside of me that wanted more.

While working at a dead end job, I decided to start learning different ways to make money online. I stumbled on some internet marketing blogs, books, and podcast, which explained different ways you can make money online with digital products.

What I Learned and experienced

What I did was research on creating digital products and joined an online school known as where I learn how to build a website, my very own blog, and program a computer.

During my online school, I would Listen to several podcasts on everything from personal development, investing, internet marketing, social media marketing, and much more. To my surprised, I gain insight into leads, marketing tips, sales strategies and how to make money selling digital products online. In fact, this very website you are viewing was designed and built by me personally.

Turn Your Passion Into A Full-time Income


Start your brand share your advice to the world


 Learn how to create a responsive website from scratch


 Learn how to publish a book or build software


 Discover ways to market and promote your product 



 Understand who you are and your purpose in this life


Learn how to create realistic goals  


 SIMPLE! Without action, you will NOT succeed


Understand what it takes to succeed and stay there