He is an author, entrepreneur, and investor who understands first hand that success does NOT happen overnight, and building brands is a process that takes hard work, passion, commitment, and sometimes years. 

His journey began in Grand Rapids, MN where he would hang out with friends and partying which lead to drug addiction. Although he had a dream of the good life, Tony lacked the knowledge, skills, and mentorship needed to pursue his dreams. He started with a few businesses, but failed. However, he never stopped DREAMING. 

At the age of 24, Tony decided to move to Long Beach, CA where he needed to make serious changes to his environment and his lifestyle, but knew he was taking a huge RISK. Once he arrived in Long Beach, CA Tony started off living on the streets becoming homeless for a short time, until he joined the New Life Program at the Long Beach Rescue Mission. Since then his life was forever changed. During his time in the program, he found hope and a new direction in his life. 

What he learned the most, was the power of a mentorship and what you can learn from others who are successful. He learned a great deal about himself and the purpose for his life. Today, Tony has written two books and is in the process of publishing more. He also enjoys building brands and helping others achieve their dreams as well.  

His mission in life is helping others succeed in life and in business while living the good life himself.